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SanoMed Medical Clinic in Downtown Toronto, near the University of Toronto St. George Campus, offers virtual medical care throughout the country. Our walk-in clinic accepts patients from downtown, midtown and old Toronto, Etobicoke, York Region, Scarborough, and surrounding areas. We accept OHIP, UHIP, IFHP, travel insurance, and other medical insurances.

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Our walk-in clinic team consists of Family physicians and Chiropractors. In addition, we provide travel consultation including vaccinations and tests required before traveling, TB(tuberculosis) test, drivers full physical test, immunization record, and full immunization, skin tag/wart removal.

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Important Notice


  1. IF you are experiencing mild respiratory symptoms: cough, sore throat or body pain please stay home until you get better. IF your symptoms didn’t improve or your symptoms are SEVERE please Call the clinic to book a phone consultation with the physician.
  2. IF you have a travel history outside Canada or have been in contact with anyone who travelled outside Canada within the past 14 days , PLEASE self-isolate for 14 days, whether you are symptomatic or not.
  3. IF you have a travel history outside Canada and are symptomatic Or been in contact with a COVID-19 case please contact Public health units
  4. We cannot test for COVID-19 please contact Toronto public health at: 416 338 7600


About Our Toronto Medical Clinic

SanoMed Medical Clinic was founded in 2017 by Pouya and Nikoo Toulabi as a one stop comprehensive medical center consisting of a walk in clinic, family practice, specialty compounding center and a community pharmacy to serve all non-urgent medical needs of Downtown Toronto and greater Toronto area. Our medical team in Toronto, near University of Toronto St. George Campus, Sanomed walk-in clinic will support you in building a healthier you. No matter what your health needs are, having team support you will keep you on the path to meeting them. We work together as a team to connect you with the services you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does your booking process work?

New and returning patients can book an appointment online. After booking an appointment, one of our receptionists will call you to confirm the appointment. We generally arrange a virtual appointment depending on patient condition. If needed, we ask patients to visit our Toronto medical clinic and arrange an in-person appointment with the doctor.

Or, you can simply walk-in! There might be a short wait time depending on how busy the clinic is. But it’s worth the wait!

Can I book an appointment without a valid health insurance?

If feasible, your best option is to renew or replace your lost or stolen health card.  To renew your health card you will need to visit a ServiceOntario.  You can book an appointment ahead of time at some ServiceOntario.  For more information please visit the Service Ontario website or contact them Monday to Friday: 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Toll-fee (Canada): 1-866-532-3161 or TTY Toll-free (Canada): 1-800-387-5559.

If you cannot provide us with a valid health card you will still be able to see the physician, however, cash payment for the visit will be required.  You must provide us with a valid health card within 15 business days from the date of your visit in order to be eligible for a refund.  Refunds will be given only for amounts covered and paid by OHIP.  Please be aware that the minimum charge for a visit without a valid health card is $70 and it can take up to 60 days to process the refund payment once we receive the valid health card number.   

What type of health insurances do you accept?

We accept OHIP, UHIP, IFHP, Travel Insurance and other valid insurances. Not sure if we’d accept your insurance? Give us a call at (416) 923-7770

Why are doors closed before the posted time?

Before heading to the clinic, book an appointment online and wait for booking confirmation call or email. Or you are call the clinic directly at (416) 923-7770 .

Our clinic is available to care for patients until the posted time. To maintain our hours of operation, on high volume days we will register the approximate number of patients the physicians on site will be able to see by the posted closing time. The number of patients that can be seen is dependent on the complexity of patient issues, the number of physicians working and many other factors. We encourage patients to arrive as early as possible to avoid missing registration. We appreciate your understanding.

What’s your patient code of conduct?

Our clinic aims to provide excellent and efficient walk-in clinic care.  Our physicians are family physicians from the community. Our expectation is that our patients will behave appropriately when requesting our services.

Rude, loud, or disrespectful behavior, directed at other patients, staff, or physicians, is NOT acceptable.  Clinic staff and physicians have the right to refuse treatment to patients behaving inappropriately.  Our staff has been instructed to notify the police if deemed necessary to protect themselves and other patients. 

What is your clinical policy?
  • To see a physician, the patient must be present at the time of registration
  • If you miss your turn, we will assume you are not coming back and give your spot to another patient in need
  • Bad language, rude, obnoxious, or abusive behavior violates bill 168: violence & harassment in the workplace and you will be asked to leave

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