COVID-19 has led to the rise in the prevalence of mental health issues in young adults. Teenage mental health emergencies increased by 31% in the first eight months of the pandemic.

Changing schools or colleges frequently involves leaving home, finding new friends, and going on an educational journey. However, it can also indicate several prevalent mental health concerns in young adults. Here are some of the most common mental health issues among teens and youth.

Depression: During a depressed episode, people may experience mood fluctuations, sleep difficulties, eating changes, headaches and/or body pains that have no apparent physical reason. In the 2021 Healthy Minds Study, 22% of college students tested positive for severe depression and 41% for depression overall. Depression is thus one of the most common mental health problems among college students in the United States.

Anxiety: Anxiety disorders have become teenagers’ most common mental health issue. Anxiety was identified as a significant student mental health concern by 61% of survey respondents in a 2016 Pennsylvania State University study. One in every three kids tested positive for an anxiety disorder in the Healthy Minds Study. Worry, tension, and panic can become overwhelming and interfere with daily life. Anxiety becomes a medical problem that requires treatment when your everyday life is interrupted.

Suicidal Ideation and Intent: According to a 2018 study conducted by Harvard Medical School researchers, one in every five college students in the United States had suicidal thoughts. According to the 2021 Healthy Minds Study, 5% of student respondents planned to commit suicide (but did not attempt) in the previous year. If you are thinking about suicide, please call 1.833.456.4566 or text 45645. Everyone has access to free help.

Eating Disorders: Over 90% of college students admit to attempting to control their weight through dieting. Usually, first-year students seem to gain weight due to breaking free from habits that once involved structured meals and exercise.

Other common mental health issues include ADHD, Substance abuse, the feeling of detachment, etc. If you are feeling low lately or believe you have any of the above, please talk to a doctor. Consulting a doctor is free with OHIP, UHIP & other valid health insurances.